Vicks VapoRub Isn’t Just For Colds. Here Are 10 Little Known Ways It Could Improve Your Health

The topical analgesic Vicks VapoRub features a combination of the ingredients camphor, menthol, thymol, the essential oil of eucalyptus, and petrolatum.

Vicks has often been used for adults and children during the times that they are sick. This family-friendly product has got such high recommendations because of how well it works.

Here are 10 Little Known Ways VapoRub Could Improve Your Health:

Fight against stretch marks

stretch mark removal home remedy

Vicks VapoRub is one of the latest and greatest so called miracle cures being touted as the solution to getting rid of stretch marks once and for all.

The moisturising and elasticity enhancing properties of Vicks VapoRub do work brilliantly at keeping the skin supple, and so this Vicks VapoRub treatment works excellently as a preventative measure.

Get rid of bruises

cream for bruises and swelling

Vicks VapoRub has been known to help treat and cure bruises fairly quickly. It repairs the blood vessels and prevents the blood from leaking into the tissue that forms into bruises.

Vicks VapoRub has been used since the 1500s to reduce bruising on the body — and it works due to the natural anti-inflammatory agent, within. Not only does it reduce the discoloration of bruising, but it reduces the pain, too, as arnica is commonly used for sore muscles.

Relieve sore muscles

VapoRub is one of the most effective treatment available out there. If you are someone who is suffering from arthritis, back pain, tennis elbow, sore muscles, joints or any other form of chronic aches, you should try VapoRub.

VapoRub relieves pain by penetrating deep into your joints and muscles. It works particularly well on inflammation. The smell of VapoRub is also very pleasant. It’s definitely worth a try.

Prevent cracked heels

After having St Lucia Spa Feng Shui Paraffin wax Pedicure apply a liberal amount of Vicks VapoRub and put on socks on the feet.

Do this every evening before you go to bed and you will wake up with a moisturized heel that starts to heel and the cracking reducing very fast.

Dry heels can be very unsightly and painful. The best thing is have them pedicured at St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa and moisturized with VapoRub to make the skin supple and reduce unsightly heels.

Relieve headaches and migraines

migraine headache treatment at home

Headaches can be triggered by stress, fatigue, allergies, eyestrain, poor posture, alcohol or drugs, low blood sugar, hormones, constipation and nutritional deficiencies. Your body is telling you that something needs to change, so begin to heed those signals.

Stop Earaches

what to do for an earache in adults

You may be wondering, how do you make a headache go away? To find headache relief first have an Indian Head Neck and Back Massage at St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa and every evening Vicks VapoRub can become your new best friend.

It contains menthol, which can help muscles relax and ease pain. It’s thought that applying VapoRub directly to the temples can help relieve pain from both tension headaches and migraines.

The use of Vicks VapoRub for earaches is a folk remedy. putting Vicks VapoRub on a cotton ball and put it in your ear for several hours, several times a day. It will not only reduce the pain but also prevent a potential infection.

Prevent chapped lips

dry cracked lips that won't heal

When your lips starts to flake and your lips are looking a bit dry, it’s time to kick your Vicks VapoRub moisturizing routine into overdrive. Lips become chapped for a variety of reasons, from the weather to excessive lip licking.

Whatever the cause, ditch your store-bought lip balm and opt for an all natural way to hydrate your pout – Vicks VapoRub. The minerals in Vicks VapoRub add plenty of moisture to cure the dryness and make your lips soft, smooth and kissable.

Soothe sunburns

what to do about really bad sunburn

Vicks VapoRub is a natural analgesic, or painkiller. It also helps soothe burnt areas by providing a cooling sensation. Bonus: because Vicks VapoRub is also effective at alleviating headaches, it can help with the after-sun headache some people suffer from.

Fight toenail fungus

toenail fungus medication over the counter

Applying Vicks VapoRub to fungus-infected toenails can clear up the notoriously hard-to-treat condition. Apply the Vicks to your toenail. Be sure to completely cover the nail, getting under the nail and down into the cuticle.

To effectively get the Vicks VapoRub in the edges of, and under, the nail you can use a disposable orange stick or cotton swab.

Train your pets



If you have a problem with your pet marking its territory around the house, just grab an open container of Vicks VapoRub and place it in an area that your pet often tries to mark.

The strong scent will help to deter them from the area and help them learn not to use the bathroom inside!

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