Feeling Drained, Tired, Worn out..Every inch of your body pains😳😫😤😪😬🤐🙄😱😭😵😖

Worn out
That’s kinda how nursing is…

You go and go and go. You fight and fight and fight. You rush and rush and rush. And just when you think you may be done, you are not. The next shoe drops, the next set of vital signs plummet, the next patient falls. On, and on, and on.

Yet you also know if your machine stops so does someone’s heart, and if that’s not mentally draining then I don’t know what is.

Life is a precious gift given to us and this usually depends in the hands of the nurses especially when you get to assist and actually witness how life starts.

The constant on-the-go mindset, the mental preparation for any scenario, the endless multi-tasking, and the lack of even a minute of personal time all take their toll.

And the end result? Burnout.😭😵😖

Burnout not only affects the wellbeing of nurses but also the care patients receive. One day something might give. It might be your back from all the lifting and pulling and bending. It might be your feet or your knees or your shoulder.

Turning off your “work mind” can be a challenge.

That’s why it’s good to have something you can do at the end of every shift to let yourself know that work is done with.

Self-care is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Since you put so much into helping others, it’s only right that you treat your body with the same amount of care.

A nurse holds life and death on the line, so when your brain becomes fried and your body becomes weary, you just need to channel your inner Diva and take some time to pamper yourself at St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa with our Tension Tamer full body massage…

paying special attention to the head, back, sore shoulders, hands and feet which also combines aromatherapy oils to bring total balance, harmony and body wellness mentally, physically and emotionally..

Boosting the immune system and bringing the body back to natural alignment.

You’ll be amazed at how your mind and body “shift gears,” and you leave your work frame of mind, and settle into your “my time”

Don’t ever forget: you have one of the most important jobs in the world! You save lives! The work you do is vitally important, and you affect people’s lives in powerful ways.

Remember when you first started being a nurse practitioner and you felt energized, motivated and excited?
Ready to get back to that feeling? Would you like to start enjoying your work, regaining your compassion and feeling motivated again?

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