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Crayola makeup line asos

June 6, 2018

You’ve been using Crayola products to color paper since your childhood. Now you can use them to color your face as well.

The iconic crayon company has launched Crayola Beauty, a line of eyeshadows, blushes, mascaras, and more, in conjunction with beauty and fashion brand ASOS. The products will be sold exclusively at the retailer’s website.

Available in 95 shades, all of which are vegan, the 58 products range from $15 to $40. And while there are plenty of typical makeup offerings, the lip, cheek, and face “crayons” are likely to be the standout product, as they let people show off their creative nature on a living canvas.

Crayola’s not straying too far from its core brand, either, using the same names for shades on the face crayons as it does with the crayons kids (and some adults) use when drawing, including Mauvelous, Dandelion (a color it actually retired last year), and Outer Space.

With the new line, Crayola is both meeting a demand and bowing to the inevitable. The internet features videos with people using Crayola products as eyeliner and other forms of makeup. While the company has urged people not to do this, even going so far as to include language in its online Frequently Asked Questions, it hasn’t stopped people from using the colored pencils and crayons as cosmetics.

Now, it can capitalize on people’s desire for a colorful look.