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Ginger oil for edema

There are several types of edema, and many cases are also a mixture of more than one type.

By lymphedema the drainage from the tissues through the lymph vessels are impaired or excessive fluid goes through the blood capillary walls into the spaces between the cells in a tissue.

Ginger oil for edema

Edema can typically affect the feet, ankles and the lower legs. These areas will tend to accumulate more fluid due to their relative positions when sitting and standing.

Edema has also been known to impact other areas of the body.

How do you know if you are being affected by edema? The initial symptoms that may occur are the feet and legs swelling.

This usually occurs as the day progresses. The swelling may start to begin in the morning and become more progressive during the day. This can start to weigh on you as the day goes by.

what causes edema

The causes of edema are many. A too high intake of salt can cause general water retention in the body.

Sitting and standing long in the same position can cause edema in the lower limbs. A still sitting life without exercise can cause or aggravate edema.

Edema can be progressive and start to show many other symptoms. Other symptoms that may be experienced are headaches, increased urination and puffy eyes.

Often sufferers of edema may also notice weight gain. This is hard as the mobility is affected by the swelling of the lower legs.

How to help reduce edema

Various measures targeted directly against the edema are useful. These are presented here:

Salt intake restriction: Restriction of salt intake is an important measure by edema. People suffering from edema should avoid adding great amount of salt into their food or consume preprocessed food with a salty taste.

Diet: A good general diet that alleviates chronic inflammation is useful. The diet should especially contain enough sources of omega-3-fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids, like: Fat fish, seafood, flax oil, olive oil, almonds, rape oil and canola oil. Also vegetables and fruit in a natural shape are useful.

Avoiding constipation: Constipation should be treated, since a stomach engorged by excessive content can cause impairment of fluid circulation.

Variation of corporeal position: You should avoid sitting or standing still a long time during the day. When sitting during work or rest, you should change position with regular intervals.

Exercise: Every day you should have some exercise adjusted to your health condition. This could be walking, cycling, swimming, running or any other sport activity where you use greater parts of your body. Doing regular stretching exercises or yoga is useful. By severe edema special therapeutic exercises should be prescribed by a professional.

High position of limb: When you are sleeping or resting the swollen body parts can be placed in an elevated position by means of pillows, pads or by resting in an adjustable bed or chair.

Massage your legs gentely daily with ginger oil for edema, downwards from the knees through the calves to the ankles (to guard against any upward movement of clots) Do this for ten minutes at bedtime for a month.

Also, in the mornings, massage the inner surface of the legs down the bone shafts to the ankles with ginger oil for edema .

You may find numerous small nodules along the way, which are small clots in the superficial veins sticking to the valves. Work gently, as these nodules are often, tender.

This will bring about an reduction of swelling, though it may return later. However subsequent treatments should resolve the problem within a month.

I also recommend manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage by a qualified therapist.

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