White Sage Smudging Flower Sage Cedar Palo Santo Yerba Santa

White Sage Smudging

White Sage Smudging Flower Sage, Cedar Palo Santo Yerba, Santa has been incorporated into many modern belief systems and is frequently used in rituals and as an accompaniment to meditation.

A white sage smudging ceremony is considered to be spiritually and psychologically cleansing as it clears away negative energy.

White sage smudging history

The idea of Flower Sage, Cedar, Palo Santo, Yerba Santa smudging or clearing a space goes back nearly to the dawn of civilization.

Native American smudging dates back hundreds of years, and most traditional cultures, from the Zulu to the Maori, from the Chinese to the Balinese, have ancient forms of cleansing and blessing rituals.

Even the incense wafting through a church or temple is cleansing and purifying the space, just as surely as the medicine man’s bowl of sacred smoke/smudge does.

Most of the herbal and ornamental sages fall into two great camps: the genus Salvia, which lies within the great Labiatae (Lamiaceae), the mint family, and the genus Artemisia, which belongs to the compositae, or asters.

The dominant sage across Europe, a Salvia, differs markedly from the American prairie sage, or sagebrush, an Artemisia.

Artemisia includes about two hundred species of aromatic annual, biennial, and perennial herbs and shrubs native mostly in dry, stony areas of the Northern Hemisphere.

Many species create their own colonies, or eco-niches, quickly taking over disturbed ground in the wild. They are grown as ornamentals and for their medicinal, insecticidal, and aromatic qualities, and we know them mostly as the sagebrush, mugworts, wormwoods, and fragrant annies.

Southernwood, absinthe, dusty miller (beach wormwood), and garden tarragon are striking Eurasian species of Artemisia familiar in many of our perennial gardens.

Their small flower heads are generally in spikes or racemes of tiny disk-like flowers that can range from white to yellow-green, and even brownish to purplish. The alternate leaves can be lobed or dissected, and most have unusual fragrance.

White sage smudge stick benefits

White Sage Smudging
White Sage Smudging

The ritual of white Sage smudging, flower sage, cedar, palo santo has scientifically been proven to positively affect the energy of the environment.

The negative (healthy) ions in the smoke and the molecules of the smoke itself capture the positive (unhealthy) ions, thereby clearing the atmosphere.

Therefore, as the smoke clears (preferably out the window), it takes the negative energy (positive ions) with it, releasing it out where it will dissipate.

What does white sage smudging do for you?

White Sage Smudging Flower Sage Cedar Palo Santo Yerba Santa
White Sage Smudging Flower Sage Cedar Palo Santo Yerba Santa

Smudging yourself regularly with white Sage smudging, flower sage, cedar, palo santo  can be very practical way of keeping yourself in a balanced and peaceful state.

It is particularly useful if you have been around people who are who are ill, depressed, fearful, angry or emotionally upset and when you’re feeling blue or depressed, or when you’ve been under a lot of stress.

Wherever people have been they will leave negative energy behind as well as positive energy but it is the negative energies that affect us greatly.

A person may be having a bad day and not feeling very positive, they may be angry, they may have had an argument, feel unwell and so forth. Over time these negative energies will accumulate within your home, work place and also within your own self, causing you to feel quite unbalanced and stagnant.

Everyone is affected by these negative energies although some of us are more sensitive to them than others, especially children.

You can feel quite drained, tired and lacking energy or alternatively hyperactive, restless and irritable, something that we quite often see in children, not able to settle or have difficulty in sleeping, not feeling quite like your usual self, feeling uneasy but not able to identify what’s going on, lacking motivation, emotionally all over the place and generally on edge.

Everyone experiences these negative energies differently, whether it be mild, moderate or severe.

White Sage Smudging for Your Home

The benefits of smudging your house with  white Sage smudging, flower sage, cedar palo, santo are countless. It will improve every area of your life because it clears all of the old yucky energy that was trapped there.

Energy sticks to walls and is trapped in corners, especially heavily charged emotional energy.

You may currently be reacting to energies from previous owners of your house and not even know it!

If you keep having the same argument, in the same room of your house, it needs to be smudged with white Sage smudging, flower sage, cedar palo santo!

Smudging your space once a week with white Sage smudging, flower sage, cedar palo santo is a good habit to get into or you can just light up your smudge stick and cleanse any time you feel like the energy needs a better flow.