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What Cause Black Floaters In The Eye 2017 UPDATE

What Cause Black Floaters In The Eye

What Cause Black Floaters In The Eye

Black floaters in the eye are the result of a natural breakdown of the vitreous gel within the posterior vitreous of our your eye. Some people have described them as being similar to roads on the map, whilst others compare them to a large number of small circular grains.

They usually occur as we get older and are normally caused by changes to the vitreous humour – the clear gel that’s nestled between the lens and the retina. Tiny bits of debris cast shadows onto the retina in the eye and it is these shadows that a person can see.

What Cause Floaters In The Eye

If the retina is detached, there are several black dots that will start to move around what a person sees. Another issue is hyaloid artery regression, and a third issue is a problem with red blood cells.

If the red blood cells leak into the eye’s liquids, optical illusions and changes can occur. Another cause could be a retinal tear or a film debris that is left in the eye resulting in floaters and difficulty in seeing, as well as blinking.

Black Floaters In The Eye

The black floaters in the eye  drift slowly from one place to the other and might look different all the time. They often sink towards the bottom of the eyeball and the most prominent floaters can be seen for a lifetime.

Black floaters in the eye are generally more noticeable when in a light environment for example being outside in the sunshine and when looking at light surfaces.

Here are 3 tips to Eliminate Eye Floaters In Your Eyes Naturally

1. Close eyes and relax sometimes, when your eyes are tired or strained, it can contribute to eye floaters, so getting some good rest is imperative.

2. Limit TV and screen time prolonged screen time can harm your eyes.

3. Sleep well getting proper sleep will ensure that your eyes are not strained or tired.

ST.LUCIA Breast Cancer Campaign 2015 – Tribute Breast Cancer Survivors

Amber Phinisee of Capture Photography captures these beautiful moments of breast cancer survivors, their families, and friends, and also those who have lost the battle to this horrific disease.  Watch these powerful images and quotes played to Whitney Houston’s “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength.” It is a beautiful tribute to all breast cancer survivors and the strength they found in themselves to fight this disease!

ST.LUCIA Breast Cancer Campaign 2015 – Tribute Breast Cancer Survivors…


Severe Chronic Tension Headache Trigger Point Massage Relief

Do you have frequent Severe Chronic Tension Headache? Discover Severe Chronic Tension Headache Trigger Point Head Neck and Back Massage Relief

Sad to say, almost everyone has suffered severe chronic tension headache at some time.

Tension headache can last for a few hours up to several days, and sometimes involve symptoms such as sensitivity to light and nausea.

Chronic tension headache can seriously impact daily life when occur frequently or for an extended period of time.

Severe Chronic Tension Headache Trigger Point Massage Relief

The exact cause of  severe chronic tension headache migraines are not yet fully understood, however there are certain factors that can contribute to a headache.

These include, stress, lack of sleep or fatigue, hormonal changes, hunger and/or changes in barometric pressure or altitude.

In addition to these factors, certain foods can also contribute such as: Alcohol, food additives such as nitrates, nitrites or MSG and caffeine.

Most times people don’t give their posture much thought, however, slouching can force the body out of alignment.

When the head is too far forward it causes extra pressure on the neck muscles which tend to contract in order to hold the head up in an improper position.

One move to correct your posture is to sit up straight with your feet flat on the ground. Keep your shoulders back and the head directly over your body rather than too far forward or back.
It sounds simple but it can take some practice and awareness to get it right.

Feng Shui Day Spa Severe Chronic Tension Headache Trigger Point Head Neck and Back Massage Relief

Since severe chronic tension headache are accompanied by neck pain, chronic tension tension headache sufferers find that Indian Trigger Point Head Neck and Back Massage offer relief from headache pain and related symptoms.

Because Trigger point head neck and back massage therapy relaxes tense muscles, relieves muscle spasms,  improves blood flow and aids relaxation, it can be helpful for relieving the pain of both tension and vascular headaches.

Indian Trigger Point Head Neck and Back Massage is a combination of massage strokes and techniques, hence the reference to it being both a science and an art.

Regular Indian Trigger Point Head Neck and Back Massage Treatment will:-

  • strengthen the central nervous system and assist all the systems of the body restore and renew themselves;
  • increase energy levels;
  • provide relief from tension and migraine headaches;
  • lower blood pressure;
  • bring about immediate feelings of peace, relaxation and calm;
  • provide relief from stress, anxiety, depression and other stress related conditions;
  • increase oxygen and glucose supplies to the brain resulting in optimum brain functioning and higher levels of clarity and concentration;
  • increase blood flow resulting in dissolution of accumulated toxins within the body;
  • provide immediate relief to aching, stiff and tense deep and superficial muscles located in the upper back, shoulder and neck areas;
  • enable energy cleansing and balancing of specific marmas (pressure points) located in the head;
  • stimulate the three major head chakras helping to restore and balance mind, body and spirit;
  • promote calm and relaxed sleep encouraging a natural sleep pattern;
  • maintain electro-chemical balance which provides rejuvenation and longevity;
  • increase the secretion of hormones necessary for the growth and development of the brain

You owe it to yourself to see how Indian Trigger Point Head Neck and Back Massage  can work for you to help improve your health and relax you mind the natural way.

Wouldn’t it be nice to consider a natural wellness Feng Shui Day Spa Indian Trigger Point Head Neck and Back Massage  plan for your headaches?