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Things to do in St Lucia on your Honeymoon – Cheap all inclusive spa vacation packages

Things to do in St.Lucia on your honeymoon? Why not make it truly memorable…Nothing can soothe the stress of wedding planning like the Feng Shui Together Couple’s Honeymoon Massage to blaze your flame of love, as you are taken on an aromatic caribbean journey to romance and deep connection that highlights the indigenous aromas of the Caribbean. Ranging from Fevergrass and almond spice to the subtle essences of coco sticks..

st.lucia cheap all inclusive honeymoon packages

Feng Shui Together Couple’s Honeymoon Massage stimulate the release of many feel-good hormones, which boost feelings of intimacy and affection.

“Most notably, touch increases oxytocin (otherwise known as the ‘cuddle-chemical’), as well as serotonin and dopamine,” … “So basically, a Feng Shui Together Couple’s Honeymoon Massage is pretty much a scientific love potion.”with these principles in mind.

Your romantic luxurious suite is set for the couple’s date… Beautiful ambiance of candle light, with soft music playing in the background, the perfect aphrodisiac for the occasion… relax into the rhythmic massage strokes of caribbean massage

Newlyweds can’t get enough of these islands’ romantic couples laid-back vibes…

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