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Chinese Massage Therapy Near Me St Lucia

Chinese massage therapy near me St Lucia is a traditional form of massage therapy to relieve stress, tension, anxiety, headaches, neck pain, back pain and several other physical or mental problems.

Every day of our lives we are faced with lots of stresses.

Whether it be a full week of hard work or just a day of vigorous physical or mental activity

we generaly would love to go home, put our feet up and relax.

For most of us however this is not the case,  once we get home we are faced with even more stressors on the home front.

What can you do in situations like this or when we just need some time and space to ourselves to unwind.

The answer is as easy as visiting your local Chinese Massage therapy near me St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui.

Usually walking in to Chinese Massage therapy near me St Lucia Spa Feng Shui gives you the feeling of peace and serenity,

from the gentle music to soothing water sounds through their peaceful melodies creating an atmosphere of inner stillness.

Chinese Massage therapy near me St Lucia Spa Feng Shui is designed to melt away tension, stress and relieve you of the other stressors of work, home and every other day stressors we are subject to.

Chinese massage therapy

Chinese massage therapy near me St Lucia

There are many techniques involved in Chinese Massage therapy near me St.Lucia SPA Feng Shui and each one of them is to provide the maximum relaxation.

Chinese Massage therapy  is very effective in providing a cure for injuries, muscle stiffness, enhancing blood circulation, relieving chronic pain, combating emotional stress, etc.

St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui use different types of oils from the five elements of Feng Shui.

Massage therapy near me St Lucia

Massage therapy near me St Lucia

These help in providing complete healing from these problems.

There are several advantages associated with the Chinese Massage therapy near me St.Lucia.

The first and foremost is that it boosts the immunity level of the body.

Moreover, this also helps in providing relief from the stress in a natural manner.

For elderly people, chinese massage therapy near me St.Lucia is wonderful as it increases overall health and a sense of wellbeing.

Chinese massage therapy near me St.Lucia are also used to treat arthritis and other physical conditions commonly associated with old age.

When we age, we are less active. This can lead to conditions that affect our quality of life.

Chinese massage therapy near me St Lucia can reduce the severity of Alzheimer’s disease, and it can relieve pain associated with arthritis and other muscular skeletal problems.

Regular chinese massage therapy near me St.Lucia  help lubricate all joints and muscles in elderly people

Chinese Massage therapy is designed to melt away tension, stress and relieve you of the other stressors of work, home and every other day stressors we are subject to.

Chinese Massage Therapy Near Me St Lucia

Want some relief from feeling like a worn out prune. If you’re constantly run down, tired, drained and emotional dead then come visit us at Chinese Massage therapy near me St.Lucia.

If you haven’t experienced a Chinese Massage therapy yet then its time you had one.

Many people include massage in their health regimen because it not only has positive effects on the body but on the mind and spirit as well.

St Lucia Spa Feng Shui Full Service

St Lucia Spa Feng Shui – Full Service Treatments –

Welcome to St Lucia Spa Feng Shui Rodney Bay-Heights. Here, guests can expect no less than a local St Lucia spa pampering experience.

Our spa treatments include pampering facials and body treatments that bring out a person’s inner beauty through moisturizing scrubs, clay masks, hydrating and detox wraps, pedicure manicure and body massages.

There is truly nothing like laying back at St Lucia Spa Feng Shui  and fully taking the time to relax and let yourself let go for a little while.

There is nothing selfish about taking care of yourself.

The professionals at St Lucia Spa Feng Shui and Wellness can help you start relaxing and feeling like a new, better version of yourself in no time with their high-quality services.

We offer a wide range of spa packages to fulfill your desire to reward yourself, relax and enjoy.

St. Lucia Spa Feng Shui

St Lucia Spa

Go for “TIME OUT” with The Ultimate Indulgence Package Time For Her or Time For Him.

Enjoy a day with a friend or significant other with the Togetherness Feng Shui Together Massage. 

Which ever you choose, our St Lucia Spa Packages are sure to be just what you are looking for!

St Lucia Spa treatments and massage therapies, create both mental and physical health benefits.

In fact,

studies have shown that the frequency of visiting a spa directly correlates with better quality sleep, fewer sick days, reduced absenteeism from work and fewer hospitalizations.

More specifically, the heat from a hot stone massage soothes aches and pains from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other joint issues.

St Lucia Spa Caribbean Stress Relief Combo Massage therapy blood circulation and manage blood pressure.

Throughout the process of St Lucia Spa Aromatherapy massage therapy, lymph flow stimulation enhances the immune system.

Proper lymph flow, the body’s defense, draws out metabolic waste, excess water, toxins, and bacteria from the muscles.

In turn, swelling and soreness decreases while ability to fight off disease increases.

St.Lucia Spa

Massage also improves circulation and posture.

Massages can help you feel like a brand new person. That’s why we at St Lucia Feng Shui Spa work so hard to ensure each massage experience is unlike anything you have ever had before.

You will leave here feeling more refreshed, healthier, and even younger!

Now that’s a truly a local caribbean St Lucia Spa experience, and you get it here at the St Lucia Feng Shui Spa & Wellness.

Contact us today at 1 (758) 4528893 or 1 (758) 7171866 to schedule your first experience in our local st Lucia Feng Shui Spa and wellness.


ST LUCIA SPA UVF-SLU Serene relaxation for both body and mind. Escape within our doors to a friendly atmosphere where men and women can be pampered with theraputic treatments helping you not only feel fantastic on the outside but also on the inside..

St lucia Carnival 2018 Calender Spa Events Package

While the island of st lucia comes alive with its world-renowned Carnival celebration,

we at Saint Lucia Feng Shui Spa has put together

Bring Your Bestie Free spa package so you  can enjoy spa treats reflecting the festives celebration .

Treatments that highlight significant Carnival  celebration experiences include:

Hot Stone Tension Full Body Massage
$140ec Your Bestie comes FREE

Hot Stone Pain Relief Pedicure
$90ec Your Bestie comes FREE

Balancing Full Body Massage
$100ec Your Bestie comes FREE

Back Neck Shoulder Relief
$90ec Your Bestie comes FREE

Infinite Facial
$85ec Your Bestie comes FREE

Skin Brightening Body Scrub
$90ec Your Bestie comes FREE

Treat yourself to this spa special and bring your Best Friend for FREE or Why not treat a loved one to an experience that will last.

Saint Lucia Carnival festivities are a source of pride for our island

and we love being able to help you share that energy with your friends

Come share the experience at Spa St Lucia Feng Shui Spa

Your best friend is your support system, your source of endless inside jokes, and the person you can’t stay angry with for long.

We are Located in the Evergreen Plaza next Massy Supermarket Rodney Heights in the Evergreen Plaza.

NB* Please mention “Bestie for FREE!!! ” when inquiring to QUALIFY!!

For more information on Bring Your Bestie FREE spa specials and to book treatments in advance before and after carnival call: 1 (758) 4528893 or 1 (758) 7171866

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20 Symptoms of Severe Stress and Anxiety

20 Severe Symptoms Of Stress and Anxiety – FSS

The best way to stop severe symptoms of stress and anxiety is to understand it.
The more you understand what causes your severe symptoms of stress and anxiety,
what they mean,
why you struggle with them,
and what you can do to stop them,
the more you’ll be able to start making real progress on your own  severe symptoms of stress and anxiety..

Stress is difficult to define because it is a very subjective problem.

What may be stressful for one person may have virtually no adverse affects on someone else.

There are times when stress can be beneficial, such as when it motivates us to get things done.

However, all too often it can be a weight that holds us down, gradually turning into anxiety

or aggravating existing Stress and Anxiety disorders.

Most of us are so used to being stressed, we often don’t know we are stressed until we are at the breaking point.

This is incredibly important – stress and anxiety has hundreds, possibly thousands of symptoms,

but these symptoms may change depending on the type of stress and anxiety you have.

Anxiety disorders are an umbrella term for a group of severe Symptoms of stress and anxiety conditions,

each of which has its own unique signs and symptoms.

These severe symptoms of stress and anxiety include:

Constant tiredness, weakness, fatigue

Neck ache, back pain, muscle spasms

Light headedness, faintness, dizziness

Unexplained or frequent “allergy” attacks

Heartburn, stomach pain, nausea

Sudden attacks of life threatening panic

Chest pain, palpitations, rapid pulse

Excess anxiety, worry, guilt, nervousness

Increased anger, frustration, hostility

Nervous habits, fidgeting, feet tapping

Depression, frequent or wild mood swings

Frequent crying spells

Increased or decreased appetite

Insomnia, nightmares, disturbing dreams

Difficulty concentrating, racing thoughts

Trouble learning new information

Forgetfulness, disorganization, confusion

Forgetfulness, disorganization, confusion

Increased frustration, irritability, edginess

Lies or excuses to cover up poor work

Stress has the power to tear your body down.  and make you sick, both mentally and physically.

It may be time to give yourself some overdue pampering

and there is no better way than a long soothing Caribbean Stress Relief Combo Massage

to relax those worn-out muscles at St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa.

Relieve the severe symptoms of stress and anxiety  in your life and live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Make St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa a part of your regular and health and wellness plan,

If you are in Rodney Height St,Lucia schedule an appointment with St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa

to have a  Caribbean Stress Relief Combo Massage to stop  Severe  Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety