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His hard work, late nights and long days deserve recognition and appreciation from those closest to him; Whether he is your dad, your father-in-law, your stepdad or for a new dad, we’ve put together a selection of Packages that he’s guaranteed to love at any age.

The Tip Top Package 
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Pamper Manicure
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Tension Relief Body Massage
Good To Glow Body Scrub
Glow Discovery Facial
Luxurious Paraffin Pedicure
Cherish Manicure
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Package includes:
Good To Glow Body Scrub
Divine Diva Body Detox
Glow Discovery Facial
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Package includes:
Aroma Stone Body Massage
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Foot Reflex Massage
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Our Gift certificate come’s beautifully nested inside a specialty gift box, complete with gift bag.

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We are located in the Evergreen Plaza Rodney Heights Call us at 452-8893 or 717-1866.

Good Homemade Detox Tea For Weight Loss That Works 2019

Good Detox Tea For Weight Loss That Works

The Red Detox program was created by Liz Swann Miller and is a new approach to detoxify your body, helping to force your body to pump out more fat-burning hormones and make your fat cells shrink and stay shrunk.

You can get the Red Tea Detox and qualify for all of its bonuses if you ENTER through here.

Red Detox tea by Liz Swann Miller causes your body to activate its natural ability to burn fat, a built-in superpower you might not have used in years.

In only 14 days from now; you can kickstart your natural fat burning system into overdrive turning your body into a calorie burning machine.

This red detox tea and the simple to follow detox plan that goes with it are rooted in sound scientific principles.

Red Detox Tea Good Benifits For Weight Loss

Dose African Red Tea Detox Tea Help Make You Lose Weight
Dose African Red Tea Detox Tea Help Make You Lose Weight

The fat cell shrinking effects are based on scientific research and the latest discoveries in how fat burn is related to stress, proper hormone levels, nutrition and much more.

Your body has its own mechanisms for removing toxins, but overexposure causes a burden, slowing the detoxification process.

By drinking red detox tea, you can give your body some help with detoxification, making it much easier to eliminate the toxins that lead to weight gain and harm your wellbeing.

Detoxification helps you live better and happier, and it can also help you live a longer life.

How Does The Red Deox Tea Work?

We’re always breathing air, drinking water and other beverages, and of course, eating our favorite foods.

But what happens after the body extracts what it needs from the particles we ingest? Digestion results in even more waste.

When toxins build up, your body is no longer able to successfully digest and absorb all of the nutrients in your food.

This leaves you feeling hungry because your body is craving nutrients that are crucial for normal body function.

When you remove all of the toxins built up in your body, your body should be able to effectively absorb the nutrients from your food, vitamins, and supplements.

The red detox tea sweeps your body clean removing toxins and suppressing appetite. The best part?

The red tea detox

The Red Tea Detox is delicious and it is gentler on the digestive system than other teas.

Most teas simply reduce water weight.

The red detox tea is 100% natural, support a healthy digestion and detoxify your body naturally.

You can get The Red Tea Detox and qualify for all of its bonuses if you ENTER through here.

It is a great detox tea for men and women.

Red Detox Tea Treats Skin Inflammation

Research findings suggest that red detox tea are effective for helping to slow down signs of aging on the skin, as well as lowering inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and various rashes.

In older adults, red detox reduces the effects of skin aging induced by estrogen deprivation and can help boost collagen production.

Overview Red Detox Tea For Fat-Weightloss

The Red Tea Detox system

Chapter 1: Toxins and You

Where are toxins found?
Toxins in food
Toxins in water
Toxins in air
Toxins in soil
Toxins in synthetic materials
Toxins in self-care products
Fat and toxins: a deadly connection

Chapter 2: Why Detox with Red Tea?

Understanding the body’s detoxification system
How red tea supports detox
6 awesome reasons that make the detox so powerful

Chapter 3: Rapid Detox and Weight Loss: Not Impossible

What can I achieve during the detox?

Chapter 4: Debunking the Diet Industry: The Real Truth about Detoxification and Weight Loss

How fat happens
There are a few points I’d like to clarify
Fat loss the tea way

Chapter 5: Introducing the Recipe

The Red Tea Detox
The Red Tea Detox

Start with the detox fast to maximize the power of fasting
The formula
How to make the tea for detox and beyond
More ways to enjoy the red
Tips and tricks
Meditation: a tool for taking your detox to the next level

Chapter 6: Understanding Nutrients: What your Body Does and Doesn’t Need

Back to the basics with the big three: protein, fat and carbohydrates
Protein supplements: your ally for rapid weight loss
Fat: eat a little, burn a lot
Essential fatty acids
Carbs: simple vs. complex
Fiber: get the right amount
Fruits and vegetables: The miracle fiber
Water: Why you must drink enough

Chapter 7: It’s Easier Than You Think

Chapter 8: Follow These Rules to Burn Fat Faster

Rule #1: When you create a calorie deficient, you automatically burn fat and lose weight
Rule #2: Burning fat is easy when you learn to mobilize
Rule #3: You’re the box of your own metabolism

Chapter 9: Easier than it Sounds:

Reducing the calories the right way
Short-term fasting
Why cut carbs?
Fasting doesn’t equal starvation
Combining exercise with a low carb diet
What to do about stubborn body fat

Chapter 10: Faster, Easier Fat Burning

How to use short term fasting
Going low carb
About fat

Phase 1
Vegetables to eat
Vegetable preparation methods
Protein to eat

Phase 2
Phase 3
Research providing the effectiveness of a fat fast
Saturating fat benefits
Monounsaturated fat benefits
Polyunsaturated fat
Trans fat

Phase 4
Determining your BMR
Creating a calorie deficit

You get an ebook download and supplementary materials that break down the diet. This includes the recipe for red detox tea and options for changing up the recipe.

The ebook (which comes as a PDF document) contains all the essentials: the background, the red tea recipe, the diet, and all the instructions about how to make it work.

There are also a few bonus ebooks included. One of the ebooks – ‘100 Great-Tasting Green Smoothie Recipes’

The actual Red Tea Detox program is definitely the full detox plan to  shrink fat cells fast.

red detoc program

The idea is to get rid of “toxic” elements in your body – things like  pollution, bad ingredients from junk food, and even the by products from stress (called ‘free radicals.

Detox cleansing is especially popular with natural health practitioners.

Red Detox Tea Weight Loss Review

Red Detox Tea Weight Loss Review
Red Detox Tea Weight Loss Review

Finally, I would highly recommend The Red Detox Tea by Liz Swann Miller Here, you’re one step closer to maximize your fat loss and detox your body in just 14 days!

The red detox tea saves your health, sanity and truly a life-changer. This program supercharges your fat-burning systems.

This red detox tea’s unique herbal blend makes this red tea vastly unique from anything you’ve had before.

It detoxes, purifies and cleanses toxins by forcing fat from fat cells to be burned for energy.

If you want to unlock the secrets of this incredible concoction? I highly urge you to get this red tea detox program today! You have absolutely nothing to lose or risk …

You can get the Red Tea Detox and qualify for all of its bonuses if you ENTER through here.

Also, if you have prior medical issues, make sure to consult your doctor before trying it.

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“I need more hours in the day.”

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How To Manifest ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you’ve ever desired

Do you find it hard to manifest the things you want into your life? Perhaps you follow the Law of Attraction and just can’t quite conquer manifestation?

It can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, manifesting can become second nature to you.

The more aligned you are with your spiritual purpose in life, the more powerfully you can manifest.

The number one reason most people get stuck while manifesting is they don’t know every vital step to manifest and co-create with the universe.

Do you need some extra help with your manifestation journey? Maybe you feel that there is something that’s holding you back?

Manifest ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you’ve ever desired…

I’ve come to understand that we can change any situation by our conscious decision. When we fully and completely say — I want this no matter what and I choose it completely.

This has much greater power than you might imagine.

Here are 12 steps to help you become more conscious and more directly involved in manifesting your goals and dreams.

If you are a helping professional like a therapist, coach or hypnotherapist, you may facilitate your clients towards manifesting their life goals using this process, as well as use it for yourself.

1. Choosing a Goal to Manifest.

When you decide on something specific to manifest, it’s vital that you know exactly why you want this specific thing in your life. And when you’re trying to manifest something in just 24 hours, you also have to pick something you believe you can manifest in a day.

So, for example, there’s little point in saying you want to start a new business in 24 hours unless you actually believe you can attain this goal in the next day. However, you may well believe that you can successfully manifest the next step in your journey to a new business in a day, in which case you might set that as your goal (e.g. to complete a business plan, get a loan you need, or find someone to collaborate with).

When picking a thing to manifest, ask yourself the following questions:
Do I really want this, in my heart of hearts?
How will I benefit from having this?
When I think about having this, does it feel right?
How will it be good for me and for others?
Whatever want should be the greater good, and something you want in itself; most likely something that’s a significant step on the journey towards a greater manifestation goal.

So, in sum: decide what you want, really connect with the intention to have it, and believe that you will receive what you ask for.

2. The Importance of Manifesting with Intention.

Once you have your list, it’s time to amplify your signal to the universe by asking for what you want. When the universe is clear on what you want to manifest, then it can help you. If you don’t ask, it will still try to help you, but it guesses as to what you truly desire.

Don’t leave what you receive up to chance, ask for what you want.

There are a lots of ways to ask including prayer, meditation, visualization, and vision boards. An easy way to ask for what you want is to write a letter to the universe.

Ask the universe for what you want once a day makes your requests clearer and clearer.

3. Reinforcing with Affirmations.

Write an affirmation that includes the specifics of your goal. Be positive. Use present tense. Relate it to yourself as coming to you at just the right time and for the highest good of all.

Give the statement some “juice” or emotion. Example “I love to public speak to and inspire 100’s of people.”

4. Doing a “Body Check”.

Say your affirmation aloud and feel it in your body. Make sure that it feels right and important to you, especially in your heart chakra.

If it doesn’t feel right, keep working on the specifics until it does feel right.

At this stage you may become aware of limiting beliefs, unconscious attitudes or negative self talk that need clearing. Muscle testing can be used to check for psychological reversal.

Inner work with EFT or Hypnotherapy may be needed to clear the unconscious blocks.

5. Engaging the Unconscious.

Using hypnosis and creative visualization skills, close your eyes and say the affirmation. Allow yourself to experience being your future self, the person who has already manifested the goal.

Awaken all of your inner senses and experience what you feel, see, hear, sense, think and if appropriate taste and smell. Associate in the experience as fully as possible.

The unconscious is now engaging in the manifesting process! Use hypnotic skill rehearsal techniques to be in the moment the person who has already manifested his or her goal.

6. Anchor your Goal.

Choose a word, phrase, an image or a feeling that come to you when in trance that will be your anchor to reinforce the positive experience of stepping into your future self.

7. Give it substance.

Draw a picture, make a sandtray, take a photograph, find a symbol or make a collage of what you want. Keep it in view of your daily activities. What color or colors are the essence of your goal?

When thinking of your goal you can use your anchors and put a big ball of energy over your head that is the color of your goal. Allow the color and feelings of energy to move into your aura and body to give it space to manifest through you and in your life.

8. Let it go.

Now release this color or feeling through your solar plexus. Surrender it to the Universe. Letting it go is very important to the manifesting process.

As a part of the energy mechanics of life, the vibration of your thought and words have been released and broadcast into the universe so that they can attract to you opportunities and what you need. Be where you are right now. Know that what is at this moment is perfect and right.

9. Know it as Reality.

There is no time in spirit. It does, however take time for goals to manifest in physical plane reality. Know that your goal will manifest in the time and way it is best for you.

The Law of Cause and Effect is in action. “Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you.” Manifesting is a process that takes time. You can support it by acting as if you already have what you want. Validate even the smallest steps.

10. Take Action.

Manifesting is a process. Give your manifesting process attention. Every day do something towards making your goal a reality. The universe will give you signs along the way that will lead you on the path of manifesting. Stay alert to the opportunities that show up.

Use your intuition and explore those opportunities that get your attention. Follow up on the cosmic “leads” that appear. Engage in your life as a part of the process. Stay open and receptive to opportunities coming in surprising ways.

Work with your affirmation daily. Write it out and place it in a conspicuous place so you will see it as you go about your daily routines. Stop any negative language or limiting thoughts. Use EFT and hypnotherapy to delete any negative programs that show up.

11. Give thanks.

Hold gratitude in your heart for the abundance of the universe and the knowing that you are manifesting opportunities and exactly what you need for your goal to manifest. Celebrate and enjoy the process.

12. Clear your resistance.

If you haven’t yet manifested what you want, it’s likely you are resisting what the universe has to offer. Doubts, pain, procrastination, frustrations, anxiety, fears, regrets and resentments are all forms of resistance.

And they are totally normal.

When you notice conflict coming up, acknowledge it and remind yourself to breath and relax.

It might sound something like, “I’m frustrated again. I’m resisting again. I get it. All I have to do now is breath, relax, and let it come. “

If you are having a hard time letting go of problem, find someone to help you through it.

Read books for transformation like Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting to clear the blocks. The process of conscious manifesting will hone your soul and spirit and will keep your ego in check!

Conscious manifesting is one of the tools of a spiritual master. You are a spiritual master in training!

Just imagine for a moment that you can create your reality. That you can get whatever you want. That you can manifest anything. How wonderful would your life be?

It’s time to manifest a reality wilder than your wildest dreams.

Achieve what you once thought was impossible. No matter where you’re starting or what you want to focus on today..

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