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Helichrysum essential oil for acne scars

Helichrysum essential oil for acne scars

Acne scars are a common condition of the skin, and while most will fade in time, no one really wants to wait that long.

These scars are often red, inflamed and unsightly. In severe cases acne scars can become bumpy to the touch and even result in the pitting of the skin.

This age old helichrysum essential oil is good for a lot of things including acne scars because it helps to produce smooth skin and reduce the appearance of scars.

Helichrysum essential oil

Helichrysum is from a Mediterranean plant, whose highest quality maybe found only mostly in the Corsican island of France, Spain and Italy, even though other varieties maybe found almost anywhere in the world.

Its botanical name is Helichrysum Angustifiola, more popularly known as Immortelle, Italian Everlasting or St. John’s herb.

The Helichrysum, pale to golden yellow to almost reddish in color, is known as the most powerful essential oil in terms of its healing and regenerative properties.

Helichrysum essential oil smell GOOD

Helichrysum essential oil for acne scars
Helichrysum essential oil for acne scars

Helichrysum essential oil fragrance is warm, slightly honey-like, rich and buttery, with green notes of wood, spices, and herbs, and its color is normally yellow, from pale to golden.

Just smelling this therapeutic-grade essential oil can boost your mood, energize your body, eliminate feelings of depression and even calm phobias.

Thus, it became a subject for aromatherapy.

Helichrysum undergone steam distillation to process its extracts in order to form the Helichrysum or Everlasting essential oil, which became a well-trusted aromatherapy in the past until now.

Since the ancient times, Helichrysum essential oil has been used by the Europeans for tissue repair and healing.

Helichrysum essential oil skin benefits

Since helichrysum essential oil has both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, as well as antiseptic, helichrysum essential oil is best for skin problems like acne, burns, allergies, stretch marks, wounds and even old scars and keloids.

Helichrysum essential oil is such an effective substance for acne that it also has other uses.

Helichrysum essential oil is so useful in fact that it can also be used to treat the scars that acne can leave behind.

Like it or not, there are only a few fortunate people on the planet who have gone without acne their whole lives.

For the rest of us mere mortals, acne has been a problem at one time or another; and for some of us, that same problematic acne left us with scars.

This just gives you another reason to use helichrysum essential oil as an acne treatment solution.

One of the best things about this helichrysum essential oil is that it can lessen the inflammation and redness of the acne pustules besides erasing the scarring and discoloration on the skin.

Types of acne scars

Each type of acne can leave different types of scars. So it’s important to know the type of acne you have in order to treat it properly.

You should also know about your skin type since treatment and scarring can both vary according to your skin type.

Let’s go over the different types of acne scars.

In general, there are two types of acne scars, the pigmented scars and the pitted ones. Pigmented scars can be red or brown in color, and appear after the pimple has disappeared.

Although they can be unseemly to look at, they can disappear after treatment, or they can vanish on their own after a few weeks or months.

On the other hand, pitted scars occur when damage is done to the skin tissue beneath the acne. Such scars look like indentations on the skin, and are often referred to as pockmarks.

Both kinds of acne scars have their own methods for removal or concealment.

How do you use Helichrysum Oil for Acne scars

How do you use Helichrysum Oil for Acne scars

Whether used on new wounds or old, helichrysum can help tissue repair itself.

Helichrysum essential oil recipes

Use a few drops in a carrier, like Rose Hip Seed Oil, or Tamanu Oil (5-6 drops of Helichrysum essential oil  per ounce of carrier oil) and apply to any kind of scar: stretch marks, surgical scars, or acne scars.

I’ve had consistently good results blending Helichrysum with Vetiver to relieve heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat and panic attacks.

According to Ayurvedic Medicine, an ancient system of healing practiced in India, sweet aromas like Helichrysum are used to regulate and pacify both Vata and Pitta imbalances.

Symptoms of Vata imbalance are premenstrual syndrome, constipation, insomnia, restlessness, nervousness and anxiety or worry.

Symptoms of Pitta imbalance include feelings of frustration and anger, tendency to emotional upset and over reaction, high blood pressure and an inability to relax and go with the flow.

As for safety, helichrysum is non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-sensitizing.