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St Lucia Island Holidays Spa Coconut Bay Leaf Massage Rodney Bay

St Lucia Island Holidays Spa Coconut Bay Leaf Massage Rodney Bay

You work hard, you look forward to your holidays in St Lucia. Then there’s all the planning, flights, schedules, packing, taking care of all those last minute home and work details before running yourself ragged and rushing out the door…

You will need to release some of that debilitating stress you created just to get you here in St Lucia for your holidays! Well we cannot highly recommend enough, that your first stop be straight to our Feng Shui Spa right here in St.Lucia.

Because what a better way to release all the stress and tension of everyday lives back home than a Local St Lucia Spa Coconut Bay Leaf Massage?

Or any of the other relaxing and therapeutic offerings from our very qualified and highly trained St Lucia Feng Shui Spa therapist.

St Lucia Island Holidays Spa Rodney

St Lucia Island Holidays Spa Coconut Bay Leaf Massage

The moment you step foot into our spa, the therapeutic, local-inspired atmosphere begins your transformation to complete tranquility.

Allow us to pamper you with therapeutic massages like Coconut Bay Leaf Massage, the Island Anointing Stone Massage and Caribbean Stress Relief Combo Massage.

Health Benefits Of Coconut Bay Leaf Massage

The health benefits of Coconut Bay Leaf Massage are well documented, both physically and psychologically, besides just feeling really great! It relaxes you.

It energizes you. It helps relieve the tension in your back. Whatever it is, you know you love it!

But coconut bay leaf massage has even more benefits than you probably realize.

Experts in the medical field agree, that regular massage keeps the body working at optimal levels and keeps us well both physically and emotionally.

The endless proven benefits of coconut bay leaf massage include, fighting Fibromyalgia symptoms, easing surgical effects, improving mood, headache relief, lowering blood pressure, increasing flexibility, eliminating back pain and curbing carpal tunnel symptoms.

And after you’re feeling fantastic from your relaxing coconut bay leaf massage, why not check out our other services you may have skipped. Need a manicure, pedicure, or a soothing facial?

The dry and toxic air of an airplane cabin can really do a number on your skin.

And there’s no better way to freshen up and feel relaxed than by looking great and feeling pampered, the very best way to start off your amazing St Lucia holiday vacation here at St. Lucia Feng Shui Spa.

You are on vacation. There is no better moment to indulge yourself.

Signature Coconut Bay Leaf Massage

Our signature Coconut Bay Leaf Massage: A sense seducing escape from daily life. Combining the world’s best massage techniques and inspired by Asian and oriental healing traditions, expect a deeply relaxing and uplifting massage experience.

Coconut Bay Leaf herbal poultices are used to evoke a warm, nutrient rich relaxation to tense muscles.

This massage works with the body’s natural energy system to harmonise the energy flow. Utilizing our miracle St Lucia Coconut Bay Leaf to revive your senses whilst enriching your skin with anti-oxidants & deep hydration.

Please join us for some well-deserved pampering at the St Lucia Feng Shui Spa, where health and beauty is true and lasting benefit to your overall well being. We’ll be waiting for you!