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Feng Shui Spa 2015 St.Lucia Virtuous Mothers Day Packages

First Things First: What Moms REALLY Want for Mother’s Day?
Let’s be clear. Year after year, research firms ask mothers what they most want for Mother’s Day and the answer is rarely surprising. We want a little time to ourselves. A relaxing break. Perhaps a small sentimental token to acknowledge all our hard work. Pampering would be nice (highlight that word there, yes, that one: pampering). The fun part is that the keywords “small token,” “relaxing break,” and “pampered” that mean alot, so here we go…

feng shui spa mothers day 2015

Thinking of the perfect gift for this Mother’s Day May 10, 2015? We ha’ve got you covered with Feng Shui Spa Virtuous Mothers Day Packages…

1.Treasures On A Silver Platter Mother’s Day Package 2 hr $100

Let her close her eyes in calm surrender and transform a sense of beauty once lost with this facial. We begin her journey with Treasures On A Silver Platter to instantly tones, lifts, firms and reeducates tired muscles, bringing tiny sparks of life to the surface ~ a glow emanates from within ~ and her whole face smiles and welcomes. Ending with the ultimate spa pedicure. This is truly a sole healing. Includes Fantasia Blossom soak, cuticle care, callous removal, hot rubies massage and polish of her choice…
Ended with surprising spa treat..

2. Good As Gold Mother’s Day Package 1 hr 30 mins $125

When mum need to unwind every sense, relax every nerve and melt every muscle tension, then Good As Gold journey is for her. We begin her Golden Journey with a natural lavender bliss body scrub, eliminating dull or dead cells and revealing the newer, more youthful skin hidden beneath. Finally, let her sprit drift away as she experience total relaxation with an unbeatable, stress-busting, tension-taming massage. Sweet dreams!
Ended with surprising spa treat…

3. Ruby Reflections Mother’s Day Package 1 hr 30 mins $145

The perfect pick-me-up for when mum is feeling sluggish or lethargic. This truly Ruby Reflection experience takes her on a journey through time. Let her thoughts drift away whilst cocooned in a Turquoise Sage Desert Detoxifying Wrap with subtle blend of essential oils providing profound nourishment, improved circulation and deeply cleanse and purify her body and senses. The ritual continues with a balancing reflexology foot massage to encourages the release and elimination of toxins. Feel fresh and alive!
Ended with surprising spa treat…

So, this year, surprise and shower your virtuous mother with lots of love and a little luxury by treating her to a memorable and rejuvenating day spa experience at Feng Shui Spa… Located in the Evergreen Plaza Rodney Bay next to SuperJ

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