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Ginger essential oil for swelling feet

Ginger essential oil for swelling leg, ankle and feet

A foot massage can be a very soothing and you will immediately feel its effects – not just on your feet but on your whole body and on your mood as well.

Your feet support you all day long, each and every day of your life. They often ache, get swollen and feel tired after a day at work.

The answer to relieving your discomfort is a relaxing ginger essential oil massage for swelling feet which will leave you feeling like you are walking on air.

Ginger essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from unpeeled dried ginger roots.

It takes several kilos of ginger root to extract a small quantity of essential, which is why commercially available oil is very expensive.

The essential emanates a wonderful sharp, peppery, warm and pungent aroma which has a tinge of woody and lemony undertones. The color of the oil varies from golden yellow to dark amber in color.

Your feet can tell you more about your health than you think, and if you are going through a period of foot swelling, you may be wondering what is going on and what you can do to make it stop.

Feeling tired sore and foot pain
Ginger essential oil for swelling feet
Ginger essential oil for swelling feet

Foot discomfort and swelling usually occurs because of too much stress.

Seriously, think about it for just a moment… your feet take a pounding every single day and the impact of each foot step you take disperses a tremendous amount of weight into the relatively small bones of the foot.

It is believed that the force generated into each step is about 50% greater than your actual body weight.

Our feet take us everywhere, and they can also make it so that we can not move if there is a problem.

Watch your feet for swelling and other problems so they don’t let you down.

Edema from standing all day

When swelling occurs in the feet it is called an ‘edema’, and it essentially means that a build-up of fluid has occurred;

when this build-up occurs in the legs, ankles or feet it is referred to as a ‘peripheral edema’.

Although swollen feet are primarily characterized by excessive fluid in the foot, there may be secondary symptoms as well, such as numbness, redness, tenderness, warmth, stiffness, tingling, or the feeling of a ‘burning’ sensation.

Depending on the cause of the swelling there may be difficulty moving the foot or putting weight on it.

How to use ginger to reduce leg  ankle and feet swelling

A foot massage at St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa is a wonderful way to reward and relax your aching feet, which undergoes a regular beating daily!

Here’s how to give yourself a great ginger essential oil foot massage.

You may wish to soak tired feet first by adding a few drops of ginger essential oil to warm water and let the feet soak for 10 minutes, getting them relaxed and ready to massage.

After soaking and cleaning, dry the feet thoroughly with a soft towel. Then choose ginger essential oil for swelling feet to use for your foot massage.

Ginger essential oil blend for tired swelling leg, ankle and feet: Pour a small amount of ginger essential oil for swelling feet with coconut oil into your hand and begin to lightly massage the oil into your feet.

Ginger Essential Oil Recipe For Tired Swelling Leg, Ankle and Feet

2-3 drops bergamot essential oil
10-12 drops lavender essential oil
8-9 drops myrrh essential oil
4-5 drops Roman chamomile
1 cup of jojoba oil

If you’re lucky, someone else will do this for you so you can totally relax and enjoy the massage for the sumptuous treat it is!

Generally, lightly starting at the top of the foot is the best place to start.

Working about the toes, it’s best to use slow, smooth, and gentle motions to work the ginger essential oil for swelling feet in as you progress with the massage.

Then gradually move toward the ankles. Use your thumbs to massage the bottom of the foot as you move toward the ankles.

Alternate pressure – light pressure, then firm – working to relax the feet and get circulation flowing.

Don’t forget to massage the soles of your feet as well. Because soles can be a bit ticklish, you’ll want to use firm, deliberate, stroking which will feel relaxing instead.

As you did earlier, begin at the toes and work toward the heels, moving back to the toes again, this time working the sole as you go.

You can repeat these motions as long as you like. A ginger essential oil foot massage for swelling aching leg ankle and feet can be an extended pleasure if you desire.

Take proper care of your feet, and you will be free from the pain and swelling completely.