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Powerful Medicine Healing celery juice for anxiety and depression

Powerful Medicine Healing celery juice is benifical for anxiety and depression

Powerful Medicine Healing celery juice is benifical for anxiety and depression due to the action of the essential oils which have a regulatory effect upon the nervous system. Healing celery juice for anxiety and depression contains vitamins B and C, and a number of minerals, including potassium, phosphorus, sodium, sulphur, iron and calcium.

Powerful Medicine Healing celery juice for anxiety and depression can help to relieve stress by fortifying your body with natural vitamins and minerals and give your body the raw unprocessed sources of this essential vegetables that most of us do not get enough of in our diets.

Celery juice for anxiety and depression

Along with the usual vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that accompany celery juice for anxiety and depression , there are a number of benefits unique to juicing celery.

  • Calms the nerves.
    Hippocrates (otherwise known as the father of medicine) described celery as a potent “nerve-calmer” and strongly believed in the healing power of celery.
  • After a yummy glass of celery juice, you’ll immediately feel your nerves begin to relax.

Of all the benefits of celery juice, the calmness it gives is perhaps the most interesting. Try drinking it before a speech or the morning of an important business meeting. It also makes it easy to see the link between health and greater success in life.

  • Replaces electrolytes.
    Another benefit of celery juice is its high amount of sodium. This is offset by its high levels of potassium which makes it a superb electrolyte replacement drink.

Rather than drinking Gatorade and other unnatural and unhealthy substances, start juicing celery.

  • Suppresses the appetite.
    One of the great benefits of celery is that it has very few calories, which means you can eat as much as you want and not have to worry about putting on weight. This is why it’s a great appetite suppressant.

So when you’re hungry, eat lots of celery. It’ll satisfy your hunger, stop you from eating junk food, and ultimately take you closer to the health and vitality that you so desire.

  • Weight loss
    No explanation needed, except that number three means weight loss is one of the benefits of celery juice.
  • Prevents Cancer.
    If the preceding benefits of celery juice weren’t enough, then let me remind you of its ability to prevent cancer.

Celery contains phytochemical compounds called coumarins which are effective cancer prevention agents. They are also thought to enhance the beneficial activity of white blood cells.

  • Reduces high blood pressure.
    Coumarins are also effective at lowering blood pressure, toning the vascular system and have also been proven to relieve migraines.

Juicing celery really is a powerful way to enhance your health. Celery goes great with apple and spinach, or even beetroot, lemon and ginger.

The brain is the controlling organ of the body which is a complex system of interconnected parts.

It is the seat of all major nervous functions that occur in the human body. Not the just usual stress factors of your daily life but also the lack of nutrition compromises with the efficiency of the brain and its corresponding network of nerves.

We are subjected to a world of pollution, undue stress, fast-paced life, and nervous exhaustion. The pesticides and chemicals in food degrade their quality.

These are enough reasons to wear out the body and mind thus leading to depression.

Depression is a helpless state. One may want but cannot evade it. This puts a lot of trouble on the brain.


An orgone pyramid orgonite energy emf healing bright powerful pendant necklace is a great health tool for anyone to benefit from! Orgonite crystal pendant necklace help to protect against negative energy surrounding us everywhere.

Almost every device and everything surrounds us emits energy. From all sorts of machines to violent emotions like accidents, death creates negative energies.

Since everything creates the energy we have to be in energies that are positive in nature.

Us human beings also create energy as well we sense negative energy. Orgone products take in all these negative energies and transform it into positive life-enhancing energies.

You might wonder, what is orgonite crystal? Who invented orgonite, and what can orgonite do for me?

If so then read on ahead and find out whether you should get an orgonite pendant or not!

What is Orgonite Crystal?

orgone pyramid.jpg

Orgonite crystal is a unique mix of inorganic matter, and organic matter, in equal parts to create a natural energy barrier around the user.

Even if you don’t subscribe to energy healing beliefs, orgonite crystal and other items are quite beautiful and can be worn as jewelry.

The inorganic matter is usually metal in a powdered or shaved form, and the organic will be natural resin like amber, fiberglass, or composites, and it’s believed to create Orgone energy.

Orgone energy is a lot like chi or life force, and can destroy negative energy.

It was discovered by a man named Karl Welz, who discovered the balanced method for making orgonite work.

Wilhelm Reich did the initial research on it back in the 1930s, finding that if you alternate layers of organic and inorganic compounds you can filter out negative ions and let the positive ones through, trapping them and using them for human benefits.

What are Orgone Pyramid Orgonite Energy EMF Healing Bright Powerful Pendant Necklace?

An orgone pyramid orgonite energy emf healing bright powerful pendant necklace is just orgonite suspended on a chain or in an enclosure. These are usually handmade, as most orgonite is created by people themselves, as there are very few commercial manufacturers of orgonite.

This is a great thing, because you’re helping independent craftsmen and artisans to keep creating beautiful things!

Many people will use these orgonite crystal pendant necklace as part of their personal holistic regimen.

If you’re concerned about EMFs, negative energy, and other nuisances of modern life that can bring you down, it’s definitely worth looking into orgonite crystal pendant necklace to feel the healing benefits. Aside from this, the effect of layering creates a unique piece every time, and the outcome is quite beautiful.

Orgonite is invaluable as the only tool we know about that can effectively combat the negative effects that electricity, electronic devices and wireless technologies are having on etheric energy, and in turn all life on this planet.

You could compare the look of it to ancient creatures trapped in amber, depending on it if was fired (super-heated) or not.

What Are The Benefits Of Orgone Pyramid Orgonite Energy EMF Healing Bright Powerful Pendant Necklace?

While many effects might be hard to prove, there is a growing group of people who testify to the beneficial effects of Orgonite and of an orgonite crystal pendant necklace. Some of the effects reported include:

Improved ability to relax, less stress, and better mental clarity;

Relief from Insomnia, a better and more restful sleep;

Increased flexibility and alertness;

So in conclusion you now have some very compelling reasons to consider wearing an orgonite pendant!

Besides, it’s nice to have something that has existed as part of this planet as long as it has BEEN a planet. Their echoes reach back farther than anything else we can hold in our hand.

Thanks for reading, and as ever I wish you all peace, and prosperity.