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Leg Massages and Foot Reflexology For Sore Muscles Near Me

Leg Massage and Foot Reflexology For Sore Muscles Near Me

Leg massages and foot reflexology for sore muscles is a helpful way to release stress after a long, hard day at work. Leg and foot reflexology massage is beneficial to your body and mind in many ways such as improving blood circulation, foot arch pain,  balance water retention, lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, anxiety, depression, flush out toxins, activate lymph drainage, promote immune system and can ease the pain caused due to standing for long periods.

As all are aware, our feet support our body weight and do some of the most important locomotory functions. Whether you stand, walk, jog, or run, there is a whole lot of pressure given to the feet.

Also, by wearing socks and shoes the entire day, blood circulation to these areas becomes limited.

Leg Massage And Foot Reflexology Near Me

After a long tiring and exhausting day, it is not unusual to feel as if your feet need some Rest. Under such circumstances, nothing can invigorate your feet like giving a thorough leg and foot reflexology massage at St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa.

St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa leg massage and foot reflexology is a form of foot massage that loosens the flow of Qi. Basically the feet contain a reflective blueprint of the rest of the body. This foot massage will free the Qi at specific organs around the body.

The thing is, Stress can also manifest itself in the other parts of our body. It is a similar situation to back pain. For back pain, people often get massages, so it makes sense that they should also be a leg and foot reflexology massages, right?

The reality is that when we consider that our feet must bear the brunt of our body weight day after day, year after year, it is hardly surprising that chronic foot soreness is such a common condition.

One of the most well-known and verified benefits of leg massage and foot reflexology is an improvement in circulation throughout the body, which means that blood and oxygen are being cycled through the body more effectively.

This means more oxygen reaches vital organ systems, thereby optimizing their functioning and further increasing the metabolism. This also results in faster healing and re-growth of damaged cells.

Imagine, that you are sitting on a comfortable chair while a pair of soft, healing hands are massaging your leg and feet in such a way that you feel revitalized and relaxed instantly. St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa leg massages and foot reflexology feels like heaven!

How Leg Massage And Foot Reflexology Works

Leg Massages and Foot Reflexology For Sore Muscles

One of the tenants of traditional Chinese medicine is the idea of Qi. A body’s Qi is the natural flow of energy within a body along channels, or meridians.

A healthy human has a steady, unimpeded flow of Qi which will keep internal balance and systems functioning normally. However, disrupting Qi will cause the aches, pains, and health issues that Eastern medicines work so hard to treat.

Foot Reflexology Benefits

According to the theory of reflexology, human beings have certain reflexes in their hands and feet that relate to every organ and overall system of the body.

These reflexes are energy centers which need to be stimulated for revival. So, finding the right energy centers and stimulating them with the right amount of pressure is very important in this kind of massage.

Reflexology is primarily used by many people as a method of eliminating pain. As an analgesic treatment, reflexology can reduce the severity of migraines and headaches, simply by relieving tension in the muscles that can often result in these conditions.

Leg Massage and Foot Reflexology For Sore Muscles Near Me
Any headaches induced by stress can also be eliminated since stress and psychological factors often manifest in the physical symptoms of a migraine. This is actually one of the most popular applications of reflexology.

As our bodies age, our nerve endings become less sensitive in parts of our body, particularly in our extremities. That being said, reflexology has been connected with stimulating more than 7,000 different nervous endings in a single session, thereby increasing their function and reactivity.

Leg Massage And Foot Reflexology History

It is an ancient therapeutic practice and is considered as an ancient art. The exact date of the origin of this practice is not known, however there is evidence showing that this therapy was in practice 5,000 years ago in the Middle East and Asia.

Some historical evidence of reflexology is also seen in Egypt and Greece. Doctor William Fitzgerald introduced it to the West in the 20th century. Fitzgerald referred to this treatment as zone therapy.

Opening and cleaning out neural pathways can help improve functionality and flexibility of many areas around the body. Neural pathways are like muscles, so it is good to work them once a week to keep them sharp!

Leg Massages and Foot Reflexology For Sore Muscles:

s you now know, all the leg massage and foot reflexology benefits,  we invite you to Kick back. Relax. Rrelieve those tired, aching feet nothing is quite like relaxing after a long day with St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa luxurious leg massage and foot reflexology therapy, which target  legs, toes, arches, heels, and sides to alleviate all your aches and pains..

Be kind to provide a luxurious leg massage and foot reflexology therapy not only to yourself but closed ones which is most crucial in today’s stressful life.