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Top 10 Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Top 10 Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

We cannot deny the fact that Lemon Verbena Essential Oil benefit helps us in many ways we could never imagine. And in this way, Lemon Verbena Essential Oil let us see that there are benefits to make us feel better while enjoying.

How  Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Works

Essential oils and aromatherapy can have a powerful effect on the brain. Because the nerve responsible for smell, named the Olfactory Nerve, goes directly up from the nose to the front part of the brain, called the limbic system.

This part of the brain is such a huge part of our nervous system and who we are as a person.

Besides smelling/olfaction, the limbic part of the brain is also responsible for emotion, mood, behavior, long-term memory, and stress responses.

In a nutshell, emotional responses are driven by the limbic system and the memories that go along with emotions.

Therefore, because we trigger the olfactory nerve with the aromatic smells of the lemon verbena essential oils, we can directly affect the emotional brain, stress responses, and memory. Very powerful stuff!

What Is Lemon Verbena Essential Oil?

Lemon Verbena, is a large tender shrub native to Argentina and Chile. It gets its common name from the lemony scent given off by the leaves when they are crushed or brushed against.

Lemon Verbena belongs to a group of plants called “citrus mimics,” which, as can be inferred, all have citrus-scented foliage.

Lemon Verbena has narrow oval leaves in whorls of 3 or 4. It reaches a height of 6-10 feet..

The essential oil of this wonderful smelling lemon verbena contain citral, linalool, eugenol, citronellal, geraniol, tannins, polyphenols and flavanoids.

These components of the essential oil have been found to have a mild sedative effect on the nervous system and digestive tract.

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil is a lot more concentrated. It has a lot of different benefits for treating the body in a safe and natural way.

10 Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Benefits

Top 10 Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Uses and Benefits
Top 10 Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Uses and Benefits
1. Astringent For Beautiful Skin

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil is a good astringent and tonic. As such, it is perfect for skin. As an astringent, it is good for fighting acne and pimples.

It’s anti bacterial properties help fight the root cause of pimples and acnes reducing their breakouts.

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil is also perfect for controlling oil skin and thus leaving the skin clean and refresh. As all citrus based essential oils are phototoxic, exposure to the sun must be avoided. But in general it is non toxic and very mild.

2. Mosquito repellent:

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil works by masking the smells that mosquitoes use to locate humans. Lemon Verbena Essential Oil has a rather lemony citrus smell that mosquitoes tend to avoid.

3. Best Full Body Detox Cleanse At Home

Due to Lemon Verbena Essential Oil diuretic properties, it believes to detoxify our body; it accelerates good urination pattern thus removing toxins from the body and promotes sweating, too. Detoxification helps us in a lot of ways like lowering blood pressure and speeds up metabolism and digestion.

And due to Lemon Verbena Essential Oil diuretic properties that help in sweating, it eradicates unnecessary substance to our body and makes our skin be rejuvenated and more delicate than before. Healthy skin starts from the inside as well.

4. To Help Reduce Fever

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil reduces fever as its fight against the bacteria, protozoa and viruses that cause fever. Lemon Verbena Essential Oil also simulates the metabolic system and gland secretions and reduces the additional secretion from the eccrine glands (sweat glands) and sebaceous (sebum) glands that lessen the body temperature.

5. Best All Natural Stress Relief

If you are stressed, anxious, or tired, you can use Lemon Verbena Essential Oil to energize the mind and create a more positive environment. It can be added to an essential oil diffuser, to a bathtub, or even directly to the skin as long as it is diluted with Coconut Oil.

6. Essential Oils Detox Bath

One of the simplest ways to use Lemon Verbena Essential Oil for its aromatherapy properties, is to pop a couple of drops into warm, bubble-free bath water, or you could even consider among DIY bath salts with Epsom salts to exfoliate as you go.

Think of it as the lazy girls way to end the day – the Epsom salts will exfoliate and help to get rid of cellulite as well as evening out the tone of your skin, and the Lemon Verbena Essential Oil will help to kill any aches and pains, as well as fighting off depression AND clearing your sinuses and sinus-headaches too!

7. Brings Relief From Everyday Constant Headaches

Headaches can range from the minor and mildly annoying to the severe and debilitating. Those who suffer from chronic headaches can build up a tolerance to medication, rendering it less effective. Others simply haven’t been able to find a remedy that really works.

Try using the Lemon Verbena Essential Oil mix with coconut oil for relief from headaches, and if PMS is the cause of migraines or severe headaches, Chamomile, Lemon Verbena Essential Oil mix with coconut Oil may help ease the symptoms including irritability and mood swings.

8. Relief From Everyday Constant Headaches Nausea

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil are used for easing and relieving the discomfort of nausea. Inhaling the aroma of a few drops of either oil is said to relieve an upset stomach.

9. St Lucia Spa Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Aromatherapy Massage

Massaging with Lemon Verbena Essential Oil transforms the body and soul; it enhances a general well-being and a positive consciousness of the mind. Scents of Lemon Verbena Essential Oil have powerful properties that may awaken memories of long ago, remove anxiety, repose the restless mind, loosen tight muscles and offer many benefits that may render persons exposed to them healthier in body and soul.

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil is a pure live energy cell that unite with the cells in the body creating a perfect environment for the body to rejuvenate and heal itself.

For a lasting positive effect the Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Aromatherapy massage should be administered at least once a week at St Lucia Feng Shui Spa. This is proven to be a great holistic approach to stress management.

10. Essential Oils For Sleep and Good Dreams

It is also said that nutmeg essential oil can help a person have better and more qualitative dreams. It is the subconscious part of the brain that people experience dreams. These dreams are believed to be colourful and intense.

In doing so, it helps a person get rid of both stress and anxiety. Its stimulation of the brain helps in the concentration and memory enhancement of the person. Students and professionals alike can benefit greatly from this oil.

7 Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Uses

1. To use to refresh clothes: Place 5 drops of Lemon Verbena: Essential Oil into about a quarter cup of fabric softener, and add into washer like normal. When you take these clothes out of your washer they will smell just like the soft, fresh, flowery scent of Lemon Verbena.

2. DIY Lemon Verbena Sachet Bags: You can also make a Lemon Verbena Essential Oil sachet and stick it in your drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh. To do this, just add some dried Lemon Verbena, and accompanying herbs (like chamomile, lemon, or mint leaves), and place them in a small pouch. You can make a pouch easily out of an old t-shirt and some ribbon. Just cut up an old shirt into a large circle, add herbs of choice, and tie up with an old string or ribbon.
To refresh carpets and area rugs

3. Best Spray and Vacuum Carpet Cleaner: Mix 2 – 4 cups of baking soda with 10 – 15 drops of Lemon Verbena Essential Oil, mix in a plastic ziplock back and let sit for a few days to dry out. Then take this mixture, which should smell wonderful when you open it, and sprinkle over your carpets. You can let this sit for a little bit, and then vacuum up. This will leave your carpets smelling wonderful and fresh.

4. Best Smelling Lemon Verbena Scented Candles: Drop a few drops of the Lemon Verbena Essential Oil into the hot wax of a burning candle, this will give off a faint smell. You can also easily find Lemon Essential Oil candles at any home or specialty store. They are very common, and some even have Lemon mixed with accompanying scents.

5. Best Pure Lemon Verbena Soap: For bathrooms you can easily make decorative Lemon Verbena Essential Oil soap out of simple melt and pour soap bases. These soap bases can be bought at any hobbyist store, such as amazon. You can also obtain an unlimited amount of molds. All this requires is taking the soap base of your choice, melting it down, and pouring into molds. To create the lovely Lemon Verbena Essential Oil scent, just add some Lemon Verbena Essential Oil (about 5 drops per cup) to the soap base after it has been melted. Make sure you don’t add it in when the base it too warm or it will destroy some of Lemon Verbena Essential Oil beneficial properties. When these cool off you will have some very nice smelling soap that can keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

6. Best Essential Oils For Sleep And Relaxation: Lemon Verbena Essential Oil is also believed to help relieve insomnia and can be used as a sleep aid. Before bed, spray your pillow and face with Lemon Verbena Essential Oil diluted in distilled water, take a few deep breaths, inhaling lavender directly from the vial or from a drop on a tissue, or place Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Sachet in your pillow case.

7. Best Christmas Tree Scent: To enhance the smell of your Christmas tree, simply spray your tree (real or synthetic) with a mixture of 300 ml water containing 6 drops of Lemon Verbena Essential, or put a few drops of the oil on a piece of absorbent material and place it round the base of the tree (cotton wool is a nice touch as its resembles snow). An alternative idea is to put a few pine cones in a plastic bag containing cotton wool to which you have added 2-4 drops of Lemon Verbena Essential. Seal the bag and leave overnight. In the morning, the pine cones will be infused with the smell of Lemon Verbena Essential. Either arrange them around the base of the tree, or place them in a bowl near the main entrance to the house, so that visitors can benefit from the Christmas nostalgic aroma.

 Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Uses

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Here is my favorite Christmas bath bomb DIY recipe. The gingerbread and Lemon Verbena scent always puts me in a good mood.

Lemon verbena essential oil health DIY benefits
Lemon Verbena Gingerbread Bath Bombs

2 c. baking soda
1 c. citric acid
1 c tapioca starch

2 tbsp. shea butter, melted
15 drops cinnamon essential oil
15 drops ginger essential oil
8 Lemon Verbena Essential Oil
8 drops clove essential oil

Spray bottle of witch hazel


Sift dry ingredients together in a large glass bowl. Combine shea butter and essential oils, drizzle over dry mixture and mix with hands. Spritz with witch hazel as needed to hold mixture together. Pack into molds, pressing firmly.

Allow to dry 24 – 48 hours before decorating.


Lemon Verbena Essential Oil can be used topically but not at full strength, they need to be diluted with a carrier oil before applying to the skin or else they can cause burns.

Always check with your doctor before using oils or any natural remedy to be sure that it does not interfere with any current treatment protocols.

I enjoy writing about life’s experiences and look forward to do more of it. I am also a certified Aromatherapist and enjoy giving massages at St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa using pure essential oils to help people feel their best physically, mentally and spiritually. My passion is to live life to the fullest, never pass up an opportunity, and give God all the glory, for without him I would be nothing.