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St lucia Spa Massage Therapies

St lucia Spa Massage Therapies Feng Shui

St lucia Spa Massage Therapies Rodney Bay provide tension release, stress reduction, circulation enhancement and overall wellness.

You look forward to your regular massage. Maybe it relaxes you. Maybe it energizes you. Maybe it helps relieve the tension in your back. Whatever it is, you know you like it. But St lucia spa massage therapies has more benefits than you probably realize.

Because massage affects us on a mind, body and spirit level, St lucia spa massage therapies can release a cascade of beneficial effects on a physiological, chemical, emotional and mental level.

Heading to the spa can be a pampering treat, but it can also be a huge boost to your health and wellness!

St lucia Spa

Massage therapy can relieve all sorts of ailments – from physical pain, to stress and anxiety.

People who choose to supplement their healthcare regimen with regular massage therapies will not only enjoy a relaxing hour or two at the St Lucia Spa, but they will see the benefits carry through the days and weeks after the appointment!

These are the most common benefits reported from St lucia Spa Feng Shui Massage Therapies

Alleviate Depression and Anxiety

Stress can be physical and mental. A body massage promotes muscle relaxation. It also regulates the heart rate and blood pressure. Treat yourself to a body massage once a while.

Deep Tissue Massage Eliminate Toxins

One of the techniques often used in St lucia Spa Massage Therapies is deep tissue massage. This technique works on relieving tension and stiffness in the deepest layers of muscle.

By using slower and deeper strokes, this technique works to loosen muscles and bring oxygen back in. By releasing toxins with this technique, the therapist enhances healing.

St lucia Spa Massage Improve Sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to many health problems, so finding a way to improve the amount of sleep you get is important. Lack of sleep can also lend to the amount of stress in your life.

Luckily, massage is great for stress and improving sleep. Sleep problems include difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, waking up too early and unable to fall back to sleep, and waking up tired and un-refreshed.

St lucia Spa Massage Improve Circulation

A massage therapist can help improve your circulation because the pressure created will actually move blood through your congested muscle tissues, i.e. tissues that are getting less than adequate blood supply due to inflammation, or some other sort of obstruction (e.g. scarring).

With improved circulation to your muscle tissues, you receive much-needed oxygen, and get help with removing lactic acid. The oxygen not only helps to produce more energy in your muscles, but also helps to stop the production of lactic acid.

Lactic acid is helpful for producing energy in small doses, and does so when oxygen is not present to do the job. However, chronic build up of lactic acid can cause pain and fatigue in your muscles.

Thus, by improving circulation you remove the pain-causing factor and help to introduce the element that your muscles really need to make energy.

This energy is then used to help you move, and to help your body perform its many and varied duties.

These effects suggest that massage may be helpful for a wide range of conditions. Some of these are listed below.

Decreases pain and increases functioning in these conditions: Helps treat and manage symptoms or complications of: Other psychological, emotional, and physical benefits:
Carpal tunnel
Tension headaches
Tendon and muscle tears
Thoracic outlet syndrome
Varicose veins
Pregnancy-related back pain and other discomfort
Myofascial pain
Sore or overused muscles (prevents and treats)
Muscle injury (offers rehabilitation)
Rheumatoid arthritis
Muscular dystrophies
Raynaud’s Disease
Hypertension and congestive heart failure
Reduces risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases
Improved mood
Reduced anxiety
Lower stress levels
Lessening of depression
Reduced anger and aggression
Improved sleep patterns and decreased sleep disturbance
Reduced fatigue
Enhances immune system
Improves athletic performance and enhances recovery

Feeling tight, tense or tired? Spoil yourself with St lucia Spa Feng Shui Massage Therapies Rodney Bay and rediscover how it feels to relax, nurture yourself and heal.
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