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You ignore me now, but you’ll need me later is what your body screams …Listen to your body when it whispers, and you won’t have to hear it scream.

You have been working hard for weeks and your body is screaming for some attention. What could be a better way to reward yourself and a friend or significant other then with St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa Double Bring a Firend FREE special Now On..

The perfect way to Unwind, Relax and Catch up with your Friend/Significant other. 📞Call 717-1866 – 452-8893 or WhatsApp.

Hot Stone Full Body Massage $165 EC
Your friend comes FREE
Ever wake up and feel immediately behind? Overworked? Not fully engaged in this journey through life? Don’t let that be you! Fight back cast off life’s difficulties and unwind with this therapeutic healing hot stone massage that not only relaxes you, but truly cleanses and detoxifies your body as well.

Bliss Out Back Massage $90 EC
Your friend comes FREE
Everyday altering events can put the weight of the world on your shoulders a feeling that’s often difficult to shake off, leaving you bogged down and taxed at day’s end. Let us help you to let go of unwanted burdens with our head neck and back massage so you can kick your blues and feel totally rejuvenated.

Driff-Off Full Body Massage $125 EC
Your friend comes FREE
Are you constantly complaining about exhaustion and lack of energy? Indulge Yourself: Whether you’re looking to shrink stress or just want to get away, you deserve a little pampering with this light pressure massage to refreshed, renewed, and ready for anything.

Hot Stone Aching Feet Massage $95 EC
Your friend comes FREE
Your feet deserve the relief, and you deserve the comfort.
Let this therapy instantly soothe soles, heel pain, cramps, boost circulation, fight against inflammation and soreness after a long day or night on your feet.

Pick Me Up Hot Stone Pedicure $90 EC
Your friend comes FREE
Are you tired of the dead skin build up on your feet?
You will soon be able to show off your feet again, enjoy the beach and walk elegantly in open shoe, with the extra benefits of hot stone massage to boost blood circulation, bringing relief from conditions like morning foot pain and blood pooling.

Shearose Moisture Body Scrub $90 EC
Your friend comes FREE
Say goodbye to dry, flaky skin, as we gently buff away the top layer to unclog pores, minimizing blackheads, blemishes and in-grown hairs leaving not only your skin revived, but your mind, body and spirit refreshed as well.

Botanical Rescue Facial $85 EC
Your friend comes FREE
There really isn’t anything quite like this rose blossom facial. With its tropical botanical signature cleansing and floral undertones deep moisture, to provide the key nutrients needed to restore skin to its beautiful glow.

How many times daily do you suffer from some sort of strain related pain? What do you do when you need to massage or to soothe your tired aching muscles but you can’t reach that problem area, or simply can’t generate enough pressure for effective relief.

The only thing left to do is pester a loved one or start getting creative with furniture in ways you never knew existed. Worry no more our St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa is the answer.

Take timeout to care for yourself and nurture your vitality, energy and spirit with our “🔥Bring A Friend For FREE🔥” spa treatments listed above.

ONLY. Limited Availability. Call before they are all gone!!!


We are located in the Evergreen Plaza Rodney Heights next to Massy Supermarket..

Castries Saint Lucia West Indies Day Spa

Castries Saint Lucia West Indies Feng Shui Day Spa

Castries Saint Lucia West Indies Day Spa is a place where Nature’s finest feng shui elements mingle; local, elegant, exotic Caribbean beauty that truly captures the luxuriant allure of the senses… If there was ever a relaxing place created, it’s the Feng Shui Spa of Saint Lucia.

Castries Saint Lucia West Indies Day Spa
We create an exceptional environment combining inspirations and the appreciation for the local resources married with the feng shui philosophies of wellness, healing and relaxation. Perfectly blended to stimulate the senses, so you can unwind and relax within minutes. It is hard to imagine a location in Saint Lucia that is more conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation than the Saint Lucia Feng Shui Spa..

Castries Saint Lucia West Indies Day Spa features a wide array of massage therapies, skin care, and signature treatments with natural organic products that focus on de-stressing, detoxifying, and rebalancing body, mind, and spirit. Guests wishing to unwind can experience a period of re-creation in its truest sense – a time for reflection, renewal and a break from the everyday stresses of life.

At St.Lucia Feng Shui Day Spa our goal is to design treatments to bring you back into balance, create a sense of well-being through result local therapies, using nurturing high touch approaches and unique sensory experiences.

For reservations or more information call 1 758 4528893.

Leave your worries at the door as you relax, refresh and rejuvenate with a variety of customized treatments from our Castries Saint Lucia West Indies Feng Shui Day Spa. Appointments are required


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St Lucia All Inclusive Kids Spa Day Party Deals

A Inclusive Kids Spa Day Party In St.Lucia Evergreen Plaza

St Lucia All Inclusive Kids Spa Day Party…Is Your Little Princess’ Birthday or special event Approaching? Are you looking to throw her an original party that she and all her friends will love? Well, you’re in luck. Call us at 452-8893, WhatsApp at 717-1866 or Message us on Facebook..

We’re the best at making children ages 4-14 feel special!
Whether its a girl’s day out, relaxation after a sporting event, celebrating a birthday, saint lucia spa day partygraduation, a reward due to a special accomplishment, or just because, we have the kids spa party package, she will absolutely love being pampered at St.Lucia feng shui day spa…

Create a memorable A kids spa day party at St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui for your kids! Feng Shui Day Spa’s Kid’s St.Lucia All Inclusive Spa Party Packages are designed to pamper children of all ages.

Treat your Birthday Princess and their friends for a day of beauty and splendor. From luxurious facials to relaxing massages and nail services St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui offers it all!

We make your kids spa day party  spectacular by managing the occasion from start to finish.

From spa indulgence to food, hosting to cleaning up, there is nothing for you to do except to send the kiddies to have fun and enjoy their special kids spa day party.

Choose one of our many kid’s spa party packages and ensure that they feel like the princesses they truly are!

*Caress Princess ($125 per) person*
Includes: Twinkle toes Pedicure with rose petals, Apple Vanilla Body Massage, Sparkling Berries Juice, Chocolate Cake and standard Spa-licious Lunch.

*Cherish Princess ($125 EC) per person*
Includes: Tuiti fruiti Facial, Twinkle toes Pedicure with rose petals, Sparkling Berries Juice, Chocolate Cake and standard Spa-licious Lunch

*Once Upon a Princess ($150 EC) per person*
Includes: Chocolate Truffle Pedicure, Double Chocolate Facial, Chocolate Strawberry Massage Sparkling Berries Juice, Chocolate Cake and standard Spa-licious Lunch

*Queen and Princess ($195 EC) for both*
Spend time together with your daughter and she’ll remember this birthday for a long time. Pistachio Pedi together. Couples Cinnamon Aromatherapy Massage massages 30 min. Sparkling Berries Juice, Chocolate Cake and standard Spa-licious Lunch

We are Located in the Evergreen Plaza RodneyBay/Heights next to SuperJ

I know what you’re thinking…why didn’t they have these kinds of parties when WE were kids!?!? I was thinking the exact same thing!

Please mention St.Lucia Kids All Inclusive Spa Day Party Deals when booking your appointment.