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St.Lucia Spa Contest Winner

St.Lucia Spa
Once again we want to thank you so much for all your support & participation. We at ST. LUCIA FENG SHUI SPA are so trilled to announce our Sweet Solace contest WINNER…drum roll please…
🎈 🎈 🎈CONGRATULATIONS Yaya Philip you have won yourself a Let It Go Full Body Massage and Pedicure compliments ST. LUCIA FENG SHUI SPA
Want to be our next week winner? All it Takes is Three Simple Steps for a Chance to Win Relaxing Spa TREATS… 😍😍😍
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21 Simple Ideas To Stop Over thinking things too much – Free Yourself From Anxiety Cronic Disorder

chronic over thinking anxiety disorder

Are you someone who tends to overthink things to much? If this feels like familiar territory to you Stop Overthinking and let Go of Cronic Blocks and Increase Inner Peace now…

We all have good and bad days, but mostly life should be fun and exciting, it all comes down to the choices we make in life, and this will determine how we feel.

How to avoid over thinking

You spend too much time in the negative. It can become difficult to act.

The best way to stop overthinking is to break big objectives or goals into smaller tasks. Put the tasks that are imperative to your goal higher up on the priority list.

This way, you’ll start doing the most important and pressing things to get your goal completed. Once you start discovering what’s most important in getting your objective completed, your’ve essentially done half the work and you’ll start to become less anxious about finishing the work.

Life, work and the world around us are all full of problems, from minor annoyances, flaws and imperfections, to major tragedies and frightening risks and possibilities, but over thinking things too much anxiety does not make them better. Nor does it make us safer, or somehow less likely to be bothered or hurt by any of these vicissitudes.

Instead over thinking things too much anxiety, makes us feel worse and makes us less likely to take positive action to improve our mood or actually change those situations which are changeable.

Stop Over thinking things too much – Free Yourself From Anxiety Cronic Disorder

🍇Overthinking is parasitic…. It’s viral…. It’s deadly, even🍇🍇🍇

Stop Over thinking things too much
21 To Stop Over thinking things too much

But over thinking things too much is a particularly nasty  cronic virus. It breeds and multiplies and weaves itself silently into your thoughts so that while you’re going about your daily business under the illusion that everything is going fine, it’s grinding away at you in the background working to convince you everything is not fine. Over time, like depression, it wears you down and out.

Women tend to be overthinkers, research shows. For instance, we’re 42 percent more likely to ruminate than men are when we’re feeling down.

This may be because we’re more attuned to our emotions and try really hard to understand what causes them, studies suggest. Your individual tendency to overthink things to much may also be linked to how you were raised.

Having overcontrolling parents may set you up to do it, perhaps because such mothers and fathers try to suppress children’s thoughts and emotions.

Life is simple but we insist on making it difficult by thinking thinking and overthinking..

Stop Over thinking things too much anxiety

No matter what causes over thinking things too much, all of us can relate. “We spend most of our time in the past or the future, “It’s very hard to be in the present moment. Our minds are always racing.”

There is no point thinking of what happened or what will happen. The past is something to learn from and the future will take care of itself. A lot of people worry too much of tomorrow that they try to over-achieve what they can do today…

Get Out of Your Head. There’s a fine line between thinking constructively and slipping into a toxic thought spiral. The key is being able to stop over thinking things too much over whatever is bothering you and to move on to problem solving — or just letting it go if there’s nothing you can do. Try these tips when your head is spinning.

Side Effects Of Excessive Over Thinking

The symptoms of over thinking things too much include neuroses, obsession and the inability to make a decision. It causes your stress levels to rise and your blood pressure to soar. So why do it? Why succumb to this invisible, yet very present disease? Why let yourself live in this state of perpetual uncertainty?


Let go the past, holding onto the past means we are still living in the past. If someone did something bad, forgive and move on, if we made mistakes, learn and become better.

We cannot move forward when the past is holding us back, by living in the present we will be happier and allow more to enter our life.😊

When there is inner peace there are no anxieties and fears, no negative thoughts or negative expectations, no stress and no lack of satisfaction and happiness. It is a state of emotional and mental poise, happiness, confidence and inner strength.


How to stop overthinking your life and start living…

There are many reasons why you need to gain at least some measure of inner peace to stop overthinking

1. Inner peace improves your ability to concentrate.

2. It improves the ability to handle efficiently the daily affairs of life.

3. It increases your inner strength and power.

4. Inner peace eliminates impatience, anger, nervousness and restlessness.

5. Inner peace develops patience, tolerance and tact.

6. It makes you feel centered, grounded, and stable.

7. Being mentally and emotionally calm contributes to improved sleep.

8. You gain the ability to be emotionally and mentally unaffected by what people think or say about you.

9. It eliminates stress, anxieties and worries.

10. Inner peace brings inner happiness and bliss.

11. It increases self mastery and self discipline.

12. It relaxes the body and nerves.

13. The healing energies of the body work unhindered.

14. Being peaceful enables you not to be swayed by events, hardships and difficulties, and to maintain inner poise, clear judgement and common sense in such situations.

15. Inner peace eliminates negative, futile and restless thinking.

16. It improves your relationships with other people.

17. It makes life look brighter.

18. It increases creativity.

19. It makes it easier to meditate.

20. It is the gateway to enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

How to stop overthinking and relax

Your mind overthinks things way too much. It’s dangerous for you. Your thoughts can make a situation a hundred times worse in your head, when in reality the situation wasn’t even that bad to start with.

21 Simple Ideas To Stop Over thinking things too much

Being happy, joyful, laughing, smiling, feeling positive and also grateful; this is how we should be living our life.

Smile more and frown less, the more we smile the better we feel, and we also spread our happiness to others, smiling is contagious. Plus smiling makes us look better, sexier, and more youthful. Life is too short to be unhappy. 😊

With that said, remember that thoughts become things and themore you 0ver think things too much, the more you will begin to manifest the exact thing you are worrying about.

Overthinking is Stressful, so stop it when you can and redirect to positive thoughts!


Your thoughts and feelings will energetically create your life. The good news is that you have all of the tools above you need to create a life of positivity and inner peace.




Relationship Memes for Him-Her ST. LUCIA FENG SHUI SPA


St.lucia day spa-st.lucia spa-saint lucia spa

Has your relationship flame slowed to a flicker? No spark there anymore? Whatever happened to the passion you used to share, the endless conversations, lingering embraces, laughs and fun times?

Stop reading for a moment, and think way back to the first few weeks after you met your spouse or love partner.

Actually try to visualize when you were cuckoo for CoCo Puffs about this amazing person. And they felt the same about you.

Remember how it felt falling in love, how happily distracted you were, how you couldn’t wait to see her — how everything he said was interesting and funny.

Remember how you felt the two of you were special? Meant for each other. Destined to be together.

And now . . . not so much…

Your love was once strong. Now there are packed schedules. Between meetings at work, more bills to pay, crying children, opinionated in-laws, and sleepless nights. As time goes by, you feel that you aren’t important to each other.

But that’s not true, it’s just that the stress of life has become your priority, not each other.

It’s a time to let go of all those grudges, spats, and battles of the past and look ahead towards greater intimacy.

Go on, break out of your relationship rut at St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa, reconnect with your partner, and fire up the passion that brought you together in the first place.

“Our time spent at the St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa is to be helpful!” 😉 …To assist you with spa therapies that will help you express the love that was strong in the beginning, is still there, and if you’re both on the same page… will manifest itself again in a very special way.

How long has it been since the two of you really spent some “quality” time together?

We are talking about spending time with absolutely no distractions; no kids, no smart phones, iPads, texting, TV, etc. None! I’m talking a very special moment of togetherness.

The kind of time where you both really let your hair down and genuinely BE together; where you can rekindle your Love together in a special way.

st.lucia spa, feng shui spa

Bring on the bliss at St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa…..Let your senses explode as scents and glow of our dreamy aromatherapy candles fill the air, and warm sounds of sensual music from the Mediterranean coast set a romantic and relaxing mood.

Your massage begins with a choice of our 5 elements aromatherapy oil blends to deepen your experience, while you Share quality TIME with someone special.

The featured St.Lucia FENG SHUI TOGETHER couples massage is one of our favorites and most requested. Indulge with your spouse, partner or lover. it’s all up to you.

St.Lucia Feng Shui Together couples massage is like a 60 minute vacation – a mini getaway. In this place, in this time, there is no stress, no barriers, no voids. Just soothing hands working their magic..Sharing this time together as a couple is rejuvenating and truly relaxing.

Whether you and your partner haven’t had a chance to truly enjoy one another’s company over the last few months or years, or you want to start a regular routine of taking time out of your schedules to reconnect, St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa is your go-to source for the most skilled professionals and the widest variation of techniques and practices.

Are you ready to Rekindle the intimacy call 4528893 – 7171866

St.Lucia Day Spa Feng Shui October Essential Special Near Youl!!!

October Essential Special Near You…

When Relaxation is of the Essence. Ease a bit of muscle tension. Refresh. Relax. Re-energize and feel incredible! So what are you waiting for? Get your St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui October Essential Special Booked Today.Call us @ 452-8893 WhatsApp @ 717-1866 or Message us on Facebook.

saint lucia spa

(1) St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui Healing Essential Full Body Massage ($90 EC)

You spend all day taking care of business and taking care of others; now take some time for yourself to relax and enjoy a healing aromatherapy massage for any variety of reasons including pain relief, rehabilitating injuries, reducing stress, increasing relaxation and enhancing your general well-being.

(2) St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui Peach Essential Refreshing Body Scrub ($45 EC)

For The Hot Days! A peach, cocktail inspired all-over body exfoliation invigorates and banishes dull, dry skin., stimulate circulation and aid in the removal of toxins. Creating a velvety soft texture that’s a pleasure to touch. Walk away refreshed and moisturized from head to toe.

(3) St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui Essential Sleep Full Body Massage ($90 EC)

Capture elusive sleep with this full body massage. Using the sleep inducing synergy of essential oils to induce deep relaxation, strengthen the respiratory system, eliminate muscle tension and reduce anxiety, you will be brought into physical and emotional balance, which will guide you to a state of deep relaxation and blissful sleep.

(4) St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui Essential Back On Your Feet Massage ($50 EC)

Say “ahhhhh!,” with this blissful foot massage. Starting with a warm herbal foot scrub, followed by a soothing foot massage, you will leave our spa walking on clouds.

(5) St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui Essential Rejuvenation Facial ($60 EC)

This is the perfect facial experience for total rejuvenation of the skin. Are the signs of dullness becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a revitalizing power boost with this treatment designed to nourish, regenerate and WOW your skin!

St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui Essential Ease Head Neck and Back Massage ($60 EC)

This massage is perfect for taking away daily aches pains knots in your back, neck and shoulder area.

St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui October Essential Special

We are in the Evergreen Plaza Rodney Heights next to SuperJ Come Visit us or Call us at 452-8893, WhatsApp at 717-1866 or Message us on FB…

No matter who you want to ‪#‎gift‬ St.Lucia Feng Shui Spa gift card is the perfect gift. It is a thoughtful gift that will give your recipient a chance to relax and is sure to be loved and remembered for years to come….

Restore wellness and balance in both body and mind with one of our luxury spa treatments. You’ll unwind in a calming environment, where our experts provide expert advice as part of an array of therapies and treatments. De-stress and take time to restore balance at St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui.

*Please mention St.Lucia Spa Feng Shui October Essential Special when booking your appointment.